Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Sunday, April 14th, 2024



SNA Accessibility Consulting (formerly Sinclair, Nicholson and Associates) provides solutions to internal and external workplace communication problems caused by hearing loss. State-of-the-art assistive technology, education and training are used to remove systemic barriers and ensure that the discrete communication needs of the Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing are accommodated.

Hearing loss is the most common disability in the world and the fastest growing one in North America. It is also one of the most easily accommodated. Yet Canadian companies lose millions of dollars annually in market share and through the retirement of valuable, experienced employees for whom the communication process on the job simply no longer works.

SNA Accessibilty Consulting is a member of the Accessibility Consultants Association of Ontario * which is comprised of fee-for-service providers of assistance to organizations wishing to become accessible to persons with disabilities.

* Sinclair, Nicholson and Associates was a founding member.